Vetra is an authentic French workwear brand founded in Paris in 1927 by Edouard Bereens. Edouard had recently inherited his mother's clothing factory as a wedding present - at that time, the atelier was producing overalls and aprons. Seeing the need for quality work clothing for industrial workers in these pre-depression days, Edouard expanded production to include a full range of workwear cut from durable materials, sold under the new brand name, Vetra. The name was a shortened version of 'vêtements de travail' - meaning simply 'workwear'. The new brand was a quick success, and expanded rapidly despite the economic troubles of the '30s. Renowned for quality and durability, Vetra went on to produce uniforms for the French army as well as civilian workers

A new era arrived for the brand in the '90s and 2000s when it began gaining popularity among workwear enthusiasts in Japan. The brand was prized for its authenticity as a genuine workwear brand, producing unassuming utilitarian clothing. This newfound interest from the fashion industry helped to reinvigorate Vetra, and today the company continues to produce authentic French work jackets, chore coats and trousers for fashion retailers and labourers alike. True to it roots, Vetra continues to make everything in France using durable materials and time-honoured techniques. A Vetra jacket is a true classic, one that will last for years to come and never go out of style.
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