Uniform Wares

London Designed, Swiss Made. Uniform Wares exists to create watches that embody character and distinction through intelligent design, not branding. The collection is the result of meticulous design and development underpinned by the decades of manufacturing expertise provided by each of the factories Uniform Wares collaborates with. In 2009, founders Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles set out with an ambitious objective: to create an alternative to the ubiquity of over-embellished statement watches. The result was a disruptive new breed of minimal timepieces that made their indelible mark on the quartz watch industry.

Every watch in the collection is developed entirely in Uniform Wares' London studio and workshop, from initial sketch, to prototype and final design. The design process is guided by 3 fundamental principles: understand and recognise established archetypes, reject the unnecessary, and be careful to create distinction and character.

Uniform Wares plays to strengths and recognises the importance of collaborating with those who have the experience and expertise to create something exceptional. Swiss manufacturers are carefuly chosen for their experience and expertise but also because of their high quality, detailed approach. Every millimetre of a Uniform Wares watch is a result of the designers' close collaboration with each of their manufacturing partners, who share a devotion to detail.

Uniform Wares believes in a new type of luxury – a quiet luxury that eschews status symbols. This is one reason why you will never find a logo on the dial of a Uniform Wares watch – after all, any branding would interrupt the design.
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