Grenson Shoes was founded in Rushden, Northamptonshire by William Green (William Green & Sons was later shortened to Grenson), whose mother taught him his trade as he helped her to produce mens boots at home. At this time shoemaking was done by hand in the houses of outworkers and William would hand out the work by visiting them individually on a daily basis. As his business grew, he needed to increase production, and machinery had just been introduced so he moved into his first "factory" at Green Yard. This was one of the first factories in the World to use the Goodyear Welted method of shoemaking. In 1895 the company built a new factory in order to accommodate a huge surge in demand towards the end of the 19th century. It was one of the biggest of its kind and made Grenson one of the most important shoemakers in the country, employing at its height up to 500 people. Grenson made boots for British and allied forces in both world wars, cementing its reputation for quality and unmatched rugged durability.

Grenson's modern era began in 2005 when English shoe designer Tim Little was brought on board to reinvigorate the brand. He ended up buying out the owners, and turning Grenson into one of the most highly respected and sought-after of Britain's traditional Northamptonshire shoemakers. Today the brand is stocked in some of the World's best boutiques and high-end department stores, alongside its own retail stores in London and New York. This new era has seen the development of a new modern factory premises, alongside a new apprenticeship scheme to ensure that traditional skills are handed down to the next generation.
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